Aditi Bhatnagar
Microsoft, Hyderabad, India

Aditi Bhatnagar is a security enthusiast who is presently working as Software Engineer in end point security team at Microsoft. She is an advocate of digital privacy, security and digital wellbeing and has a keen interest in researching the several aspects of evolving relationship between humans and technology which she often writes about in her blogs. She has conducted several talks and workshops and also started an initiative named Digitised to spread awareness regarding the same.

Gabriel Cirlig
White Ops, London, UK

Software developer turned rogue, Gabi went from developing apps for small businesses to 2M+ DAU Facebook games and then hacking cars while keeping an eye for everything shiny and new. For about four years Gabriel shifted gears and started tinkering at Ixia’s threat intelligence system as a security researcher while speaking at various conferences (SAS, AVAR, PHDays) in his free time showcasing whatever random hardware he hacked. Fortunately after joining White Ops, he turned this into his full time position. With a background in electronics engineering and various programming languages, Gabi likes to dismantle and hopefully put back whatever he gets his hands on.

Serge Egelman
University of California, Berkeley • AppCensus, Inc., Berkeley, CA, USA

Serge Egelman is the Research Director of the Usable Security and Privacy group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), which is an independent research institute affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. He is also CTO and co-founder of AppCensus, Inc., which is a startup that is commercializing his research by performing on-demand privacy analysis of mobile apps for developers, regulators, and watchdog groups. He conducts research to help people make more informed online privacy and security decisions, and is generally interested in consumer protection. This has included improvements to web browser security warnings, authentication on social networking websites, and most recently, privacy on mobile devices. Seven of his research publications have received awards at the ACM CHI conference, which is the top venue for human-computer interaction research; his research on privacy on mobile platforms has been cited in numerous lawsuits and regulatory actions, as well as featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Wired, CNET, NBC, and CBS. He received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University and has previously performed research at Xerox Parc, Microsoft, and NIST.

Alex Gantman
Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, USA

Alex Gantman is Vice President of Engineering for Qualcomm Technologies Inc., where he has led the establishment and evolution of a broad-scale product security practice covering thousands of products, tens of millions of lines of code, and tens of thousands of engineers across the globe.

Vikas Gupta
Thales DIS, Singapore

Vikas is a security researcher and pentester, with expertise in mobile applications. He holds masters in security and mobile computing from DTU, Copenhagen and NTNU, Trondheim (Erasmus Mundus program). In over 6 years of experience he has worked on both side of the spectrum - in attacking and hardening mobile applications. He is among top contributors to OWASP MSTG guide and thoroughly enjoys reverse engineering binaries by using combination of techniques involving symbolic execution, emulators and manual analysis.

Sudhi Herle
Google, Mountain View, CA, USA

Sudhi Herle is an inventor, technology leader, mentor and developer with a 20+ year track record of Software Engineering & Product Management excellence. He brings deep domain and business knowledge in multiple areas – including Consumer & Enterprise mobile platforms, Hybrid-cloud environments, Enterprise & Mobile security, deeply embedded environments and Real-time OSes.

Sudhi is currently head of Android Platform Security at Google in Mountain View, CA – where he is responsible for building products that help secure 2.5B user’s and their data. Prior to Google, Sudhi was SVP & Sr. Strategy Consultant to the CTO of Samsung Mobile in Korea – where he helped the CTO to shape the Product & Services strategy for the mobile division. Under Sudhi’s direction, the mobile division launched a mobile ad-business in multiple countries.

In his most recent past, Sudhi was Chief Product Officer at RhythmOne plc (LON: RTHM) – where he led Product Management, Engineering and Ops functions. At RhythmOne Sudhi was instrumental in restructuring the core business by unifying several ad-tech platforms (M&A assets) into a modern, hybrid-cloud based platform that handled more than 40B req/day, bringing more than $200M/yr ARR while reducing AWS cloud spend by 80%. Sudhi led the concept, development and launch of an Anti-fraud firewall – which prevents bad actors from entering the Programmatic marketplace.

Sudhi spent a brief period at Zscaler – where he invented a patented (US Patent# 9,350,710) cloud based VPN to enable secure access to enterprise private services from anywhere. This product is now launched as “Zscaler Private Access”. In the past, Sudhi was VP of Enterprise Products and co-founder of Samsung Knox in Samsung Electronics. In that role, he built and led a team of product managers, engineers, and Cloud/Saas architects to launch Samsung Knox 1.0 on the Galaxy S4. Samsung Knox has shipped in every flagship device since launch and is now the de-facto platform for all new Samsung Android smartphones.

Sudhi is a graduate of IIT Bombay and Temple University. He is a US citizen and holds more than 30 technology patents.

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Abdullah Joseph
adjust GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Abdullah Joseph is the mobile security team lead of Adjust, providing mobile analytics services to clients around the globe and overseeing the security of mobile open-source libraries integrated in over 22,000 mobile apps and hitting over 400+ billion data points per month. His team works on researching current and future mobile ad fraud schemes and developing appropriate countermeasures. He is also the holder of GREM, GMOB and GPEN certifications.

Andrey Konovalov
Google, Munich, Germany

Andrey Konovalov is a software engineer at Google working on various bug finding tools for the Linux kernel (e.g. syzkaller and KASAN). His main research interests are vulnerability discovery and exploit development, particularly for the Linux kernel.

Gautam Arvind Pandian
Thales DIS, Singapore

Gautam is a security researcher with expertise in mobile applications. He has over 6 years of experience in designing security mechanisms and hardening mobile applications. He has successfully overseen secure development of many applications including banking and government applications. He believes in designing security schemas which are easier to understand and develop by programmers who are not security experts.

Dinesh Venkatesan
Microsoft, Hyderabad, India

Dinesh Venkatesan is presently working as lead security researcher in Microsoft. He has been in the Cyber Security industry for over 14 years working with Symantec, HCL Technologies and has published numerous blog posts on malware analysis. He is a specialist in Mobile threat landscape and desktop security threats and has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Android framework layer, responsibly reporting it to Google and helped in making the OS secure. He has hands on expertise in writing generic detection and cure routines for prevalent malware families. He is on an active look out for collecting threat intel about sophisticated attacks and keen on researching various threat actors and developing useful insights into malware evolution.

John Wu
Magisk Creator, CA, USA

John is the creator of Magisk, the current state-of-the art rooting solution for Android.

Magisk is a suite of open source tools/programs enabling power users to customize their Android devices. It enables root access to apps, provides an easy plug-and-play framework for modules to modify files on read-only partitions, and has builtin anti-detection to bypass root/system integrity checks.