Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions set out the legal rules applicable to the registration for and the participation in the Android Security Symposium 2020 (“Event”) of the Johannes Kepler University Linz (“JKU”). The participant shall be bound by these terms and conditions upon registering for the Event. The organizer will not accept any conditions contradictory to or deviant from these Terms and Conditions.

Organizer and contract partner

Organizer and therefore contract partner is the Institute of Networks and Security (organizational unit at JKU).

Participation, registration

For participation in the Event the prior registration via our registration system is required. By registration for the Event the participant submits a binding offer for the conclusion of a contract. However the contract with the participant is only concluded upon acceptance of the registration by the organizer of the Event. Mere confirmation of receipt of registration does not represent such acceptance of the offer (registration).

Participation at the Event is free of charge. The number of participants is limited.

Journeys to the Event and accommodation are to be arranged personally by the participant. Costs such as for travel, accomodation, meal or subsistence expenses may result in additional expenses and are not covered by the Organizer.


If you are not able to attend the conference, we would kindly ask you to inform us in advance. You can use the registration system to change your registration. The number of participants is limited (due to constrained resources such as conference rooms, etc.) and once you unregistered, someone else can fill your spot.

Program modifications/postponements

The Organizer reserves the right to modify as well as shorten or lengthen the content of the program, change the speakers and the schedule of presentations without any liability or warranty on his part.

The Organizer retains the right to reschedule or cancel the Event and all related products and/or services because of force majeure or for important reasons. Important reasons are particularly given, in case of non-reaching of a minimum number of participants or if presenters, speakers or trainers are prevented.

Any liability or claims of reimbursement are – as far as permitted by law – excluded.

Warranty, liability

The Organizer does not accept any warranty or liability for the relevance, up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness in respect of event documentation and content.

The Organizer is only liable for damage which is caused by wilful act or gross negligence of the Organizer himself or his agents or staff. This limitation of liability shall not be applicable to personal injury.

We would like to ask you not to leave any important articles or objects unattended on the Event venue.

Material that is presented or that you may be given during the conference is copyrighted material and must not be duplicated or used commercially without explicit permission of the respecitive author.

Photographs, audiovisual recordings, textual messages

The Organizer reserves the right to take photos for marketing purposes during the Event and during any associated coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and evening events. By participating in the Event, the participant agrees with the publication of these photos as long as they do not violate the legitimate interest of the pictured persons according to § 78 Urheberechtsgesetz (Austrian copyright law).

The Organizer reserves the right to take audiovisual recordings of the presentations and associated question/answer (Q/A) sessions and to publish these recordings on public platforms (such as YouTube or Vimeo), subject to explicit consent by the respective speaker. By participating in the Event (and particularly in the Q/A sessions, the participant agrees with the publication of these audiovisual recordings as long as they do not violate the legitimate interest of the pictured persons according to § 78 Urheberechtsgesetz (Austrian copyright law).

The Organizer reserves the right to collect and retain textual messages posted in the virtual conference venue and other means of textual chat accessible to all participants of the Event.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, the invalidity of that provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

All agreements between the Organizer and the participant and all disputes which may arise between the Organizer and the participant shall be exclusively subject to Austrian law excluding any and all principles of conflicts of law pursuant to Austrian private international law. Place of performance for all obligations shall be Linz.

Court of jurisdiction shall be Linz, if not otherwise required by the Austrian Consumer Protection Act.